Dealers of Used Machine Tools

Discover an authorized dealer of new and used machine tools of the best brands in Romagna (Italy)

OTTO MACHINE buys, represents and sells new and used machine tools in the field of mechanical engineering with particular attention to the marketing of machines for shaving removal, sheet metal forming and cutting, grindings program.

The company was founded in 2012 in San Giovanni in Marignano from the experience and expertise of its founder, Mirco Ottaviani, who for more than twenty years has been a leader in the sale of tools and auto-equipment, and in the fields of welding and compressed air in the whole country.

OTTO MACHINE is the response to a changing market that seeks innovative solutions designed to fit the needs of the individual users. Our team of experts is available to the customers to understand their needs, develop a project focused and functional and, then, search for the most suitable manufacturer to the realization of the desired machine.

OTTO MACHINE offers various solutions and choices between new and used machine tools.
We specialize in the purchase of used machine tools from failures and / or judicial auctions in order to have always a broad product portfolio that can offer a wide range of choice to our customers. The trade of used and reconditioned machine tools is always active and constantly moving, for this reason Otto Machine is the ideal partner, because we find the machine suitable for you even when it is not immediately available.


We represent world leaders in the production of machines for shaving removal, sheet metal forming and cutting, grindings program. Thanks to our partners we offer assistance pre / post sales, turnkey projects, installation services and maintenance.


We sell used machine tools in prompt delivery, all controlled and perfectly working. We offer technical advice focused to understand the customer needs searching and proposing the appropriate machines to its own specific reality.


We offer technical advice and financial assistance. Logistics services, installation and training, maintenance and spare parts.


We rent used machine tools for periods of time that can vary depending on your individual needs, giving you greater flexibility and profit with a minimum use of financial resources.

OTTO MACHINE helps you in the choice of the machine offering technical and financial consulting. With our after-sales services of assistance, maintenance and spare parts we can guarantee maximum reliability and safety. Rental service of machine tools of various kinds.

Discover the latest machine tools on offer at a very competitive price!