Used Plasma and Oxy Fuel Cutting Machines

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Plasma cutting is a process used to cut steel and other metals using a plasma torch moving on the cutting line. It is therefore essential to cut curved metal sheet or variously angled surfaces. The plasma cutting machine works through a gas blown at a high speed from a nozzle that establishes an electric arc between an electrode and the surface to be cut, transforming the gas into plasma. The plasma transfers heat to the metal material until bring it to the melting temperature and thus break the continuity of the metal allowing to work it easily.

The oxy-fuel is a process for the cutting of sheet metal or of metal sections which uses the oxyacetylene flame and a jet of pure oxygen, based on the principle that the ferrous materials that contain carbon brought at incandescence burn if they are located in an atmosphere of oxygen . The oxy-fuel cutting machines use a torch from which come out two gas flows: a jet that produces an oxyacetylene flame to make metal red hot and a jet of oxygen under pressure which realizes the cutting.